Place the bench face down on a table and and screw the legs into the bottom of the bench. birkenstock uk outlet Attach the black plastic plugs to the bottom of each leg.

Assemble the leg curl unit by attaching the foam rollers to both extensions. Screw the unit onto the attachment at the front of the bench, and then feed the cable from the leg attachment under the bench. Feed it all the way to the other side of the bench, to attach it to the weight stack.

Place the base of the gym opposite the leg unit on your bench, and place the platform piece on top of the base. Attach the horizontal bars to each side of the platform, birkenstock odessa and then place the vertical attachment on top of the base and the platform. Attach the cable and bar to the front top of the vertical stand.

Connect the two poles of the weight stacks to the base of the standing unit, birkenstock sale and then slide the weights down onto the poles. Lower the hooks from the pull down bar, and attach them to the bench press bar to complete the process.