Pick your shoes. salomon uk DC offers a wide variety of skate shoes to choose from. They offer everything from canvas shoes to leather uppers and high tops. Go to your local shoe stores or DCshoes.com to look at shoe styles for your design.

Go online. Look for a company that does custom sneaker designs or designs custom appliques. Places like Solebrother.com or Sneakart.com are good places to start.

Decide on your design. You can put almost anything on your sneakers. salomon s lab Experiment with different types of letters, colors and charters that say something about you or your personality.

Upload your design to the web site that will apply the design to your shoes. The site that you choose will give you instructions on how to upload your designs to their system.Use the check out function on the web site you choose to place your order and arrange for payment.

salomon trainers If using an applique, once your order arrives you can place them on your shoes in whatever pattern you'd like.