Canvas sneakers, like chucks, are definitively hipster, but don't think you can just buy a pair and you'll automatically be part of the hipster crowd. reebok running shoes Hipsters don't wear their sneakers clean. They're actually not cool until they've been a little roughed up. This generally means they've been scraped up, rolled in the dirt and otherwise made grimy. Once they have a little wear and tear, they're ready for wear. Canvas sneakers are cool because they're comfy but also very versatile. Wear them with denim, or get ironic and pair them with a fancier dress.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots become even more hipster when you wear them in the summer. Sure, your feet might be a little warm, but you have to sacrifice if you really want to look the part. Pair your ankle boots with dresses, cut-off shorts and vintage T-shirts to make them look even cooler.

Combat Boots

If you're not wearing ankle boots, try combat boots instead. These are also allowed to get a little grimy if you'd like, though it's not required. Combat boots look even more hipster when paired with pieces you wouldn't expect, so try them with flowy maxi skirts, brightly-colored pants and floral prints, which will add an interesting juxtaposition between grunge and girly.


Oxfords are another hipster shoe that have been embraced by the fashion community. reebok shoes online You can find them in all types and styles. From neutral to bright shades, to printed ones and even shiny metallic options, there is literally an oxford shoe for every look.

Unisex Wear

One of the more notable things about hipster shoes is that they pretty much all can be worn by both men and women. Of course, the way they're styled would be a bit different. For instance, a guy may wear his chucks with a suit for an ironic twist, reebok easytone sale while a girl would wear hers with a sundress. Since most hipster shoes are inspired by menswear trends they can easily be styled in a masculine or feminine way, depending on your preference.