Tread walkers -- also called tread climbers -- are generally comprised of pivoting platforms so that you walk on them as if you are moving up a plane or climbing a staircase. nike air max 90 The platforms move along a fixed plane, since these are attached to joints that swing to and fro. Users can change the intensity and incline as well as set up courses based on their fitness goals. Tread walkers also come in various brands and models.

Treadmill Basics

Treadmills involve a rotating belt that goes around a platform. This is a roller where the rubber belt wraps around to make the machine move mechanically or electronically. The user can walk or run on the platform as if walking on the ground. The electronic types allow users to adjust the height and intensity and set up different fitness programs based on their objectives. According to the Cybex Institute, while a treadmill mimics running on a normal surface, the equipment's belt mechanism minimizes the impact on primary hip extensors, which are actively used when on actual ground.

The Platform Makes the Difference

The platform is the most distinguishing characteristic that makes tread walkers and treadmills different. When using a treadmill, you step onto the platform with both feet. On a tread walker, cheap nike shoes one foot goes on each of two platforms. The latter features two different platforms and belts. When adjusting the intensity, the treadmill’s platform can be set to a slight incline. Upping the challenge on a tread climber causes the platforms to provide resistance, but the incline does not change much.

Choosing Between the Two

If you want greater flexibility with your routines, use the treadmill, which offers a convenient switch from running to walking and back. It is ideal if you need to stay indoors or are recuperating from surgery and are undergoing physical therapy, because it encourages stability and balance. nike air max According to the Mayo Clinic, a person who weighs around 160 pounds can lose about 657 calories after one hour on the treadmill. The tread walker, by contrast, is best if you have joint or knee problems. Platforms on the tread walker move along fixed planes, which do not cause pressure on your knees as your feet stay on the platform the entire time.